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is there a live demo of pathom viz? i.e. with the youtube or github API


not online, the query editor don't have a web version outside Fulcro tools or Pathom Viz (the app), but you can use this setup as a testing point with the app:


you also need to add the connector dep, I use as a local alias:

com.wsscode/pathom-viz-connector {:mvn/version "2021.07.15-1"}


my alias for local devtools for example:


  {:extra-deps {com.wsscode/pathom-viz-connector {:mvn/version "2021.07.15-1"}
                djblue/portal                    {:mvn/version "0.15.1"}
                faker/faker                      {:mvn/version "0.2.2"}
                com.wsscode/reveal-ext           {:local/root "/Users/wilkerlucio/Development/reveal-extensions"}
                vlaaad/reveal                    {:mvn/version "1.3.199"}}}


I'd like something I can send my manager to convince him that pathom is a good idea 🙂


we do have an endpoint that is currently using pathom, but it's not very powerful yet and to setup pathom viz we need to be able to send custom headers


all of this takes time I just haven't had. sounds like there isn't an easy example online. I'll wait until I have time to setup a demo myself then. Thanks!


@U4YGF4NGM if you use the app with the connector the setup is pretty strait forward, no need to go over the custom headers, you can connect the env directly to the app (it uses http calls on CLJ, using its own server thing, and websockets on CLJS), I love to have a web version at some point, but not a priority for me as of now, glad to help to figure that setup


I'd like to show some coworkers the autocomplete functionality