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Is setting :compiler-options {:output-feature-set :es5} the only way to use MUI 5+? I need to use @mui/x-data-grid which when compiled to ES5, gives this error:

[:main] Build failure:
Closure compilation failed with 1 errors
--- node_modules/@mui/x-data-grid/index-cjs.js:3
Cannot convert ECMASCRIPT_2018 feature "RegExp unicode property escape" to targeted output language.


However, setting :compiler-options {:output-feature-set :es2018} gives another error as @gingerwizard was talking about:

shadow-cljs - failed to load – "module$node_modules$$mui$material$node$ButtonBase$TouchRipple"


A few others seem to have run into the same problem @p-himik @luciano etc. Their only solution seem to be setting :output-feature-set :es5.


Has anyone figured out the root cause for it? Why does setting :output-feature-set fix it?


What's going on is mui-5 is now using esm modules I think - see

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the fix is to add the :js-options flag as suggested

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Is there a way to load dependencies without restarting the repl? I am using deps.edn.

arohner13:09:59 calls cp/find-cljs-namespaces-in-files. I’m trying to use shadow with bazel, which strongly prefers JVM code to be distributed as jars rather than files, so I would like that to search through the proper classpath, rather than directories. Would you accept a PR that switches that to use tools.namespace to search through files and jars?