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Joshua Suskalo01:09:17

I take it that the attribute map doesn't git linted?

Joshua Suskalo01:09:18

Otherwise I'd kinda like being able to output the attribute map, but map nodes aren't available in the clj-kondo version of rewrite-clj


@suskeyhose can you be more specific with an example? Attr maps should be linted. Also map node has been added recently I think


I made this mistake yesterday: (set-error-handler! a (fn [^Exception e] i.e. wrong arity for a well-known callback. I recall clj-kondo being helpful for similar mistakes, would it be at hand to also catch this one?


We could add support for that yes

🙌 1

Issue welcome!


:thumbsup: will was hesitant at first, didn't want to ask for too much

Joshua Suskalo13:09:12

Oh that's good if map node has been added