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Emma Meyer05:09:01

[HIRING][Berlin, Germany, JavaScript, Onsite] 🏢 Honeypot GmbH, based in Berlin 🇩🇪 is looking for a Frontend Entwickler (you have to speak German) ⚙️ Tech stack: JavaScript, Backend, DevOps, Frontend, Machine Learning, Angular, CSS 💰 60.000 - 90.000 EUR / year 📝 More details and option to apply:


I don’t see Clojure anywhere in this job


This person repeatedly posts non-clojure jobs @U0ETXRFEW


Deleting and deactivating.

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Mario Meyer14:09:03

Hey all!! is looking for a to join our team. We are located in southern Ontario, Canada but we're an entirely remote company. Our software is a decision engagement platform that helps corporations to make the best quality possible decisions for their future. Let me know if you are interested in joining us. :)

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If I may ask, since I don't get it, What is a sample decision someone would use this platform to decide?