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Hi All! We are hiring Clojure developers in San Francisco. Ideal candidates will have at least a couple of years professionally with Clojure, however open to chatting with all levels. We are an early-stage Fintech startup that is doing some exciting things! Please feel free to reach out directly to me to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> to learn more.


Is this position onsite only, partial remote, or fully remote?


Only US citizens or with work permission on U.S?


It would be good to let that clear


Hi All - this position will be onsite based in San Francisco. We are open to sponsoring a visa as well. Thanks!


it would be good to say that, if it applies, these jobs only accept people with work visa/green card/work permission.


Comments are more effective when added as a thread to the original post, as they will be more visible to the poster. Posting as a thread also reduces noise in this channel and is why we ask everyone to comment as a thread or take the discussion elsewhere. I would also suggest that jobs that require you to work in a specific country will require legal documents for you to work in that country, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You can of course ask the original poster about this in a threat to their post. I hope this seems reasonable to you. Thank you.


Of course it was. Thank you. Let me put it on the posts