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Riverford is hiring! We are looking for a senior engineer to join our small team of co-owner developers in sunny devon (UK). Remote workers will be considered - though some onsite time is mandatory. • Work in a modern office located on an actual farm situated next to dartmoor. • Work for a company that does not exist to maximise shareholder profit, is entirely staff-owned and strives to be an example of ethical business. • Work on a variety of applications including a Clojure GraphQL API, an iOS/Android mobile app written in ClojureScript, the customer facing website as well as new applications. • Eat subsidised food from the famous canteen and field kitchen, absolutely amazing organic food every day. • Learn and develop with 10% time allocated to personal projects, and encouragement to spend extra time on open source efforts. • As a co-owner receive your proportion of company wide profit share. At the moment we are preparing to launch our new website seen here, and are lucky to have a successful app and profitable business so are looking to continue improving our systems and work on new products and ideas. If this interests you at all feel free to dm me, or apply online at:

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Michael Al-Iskalachi16:02:07

Hi everyone, 👋 I have a new requirement for a Senior Clojure Engineer working on a high-profile greenfield project for an Investment Bank based in NYC. They are hiring a Senior Engineer who has a strong FP and UI background. The project sits within the equities derivatives function and you’ll be working alongside 12 other team members across New York and London. It's a long-term contract engagement and the work is due to start ASAP. You’ll be tasked with working directly with US sales, structurers, and additional developers to build out the next generation global structured notes sales platform. This will all be developed in Clojure server side and ClojureScript, reagent/re-frame on the front end. The project will also be heavily driven by TDD/Agile standards. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please send me a direct message or email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Thanks! 🙂

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Ramon Rios16:02:19

Is it necessary US citzenship/Work permit?

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Michael Al-Iskalachi17:02:26

Yes, candidates are required to have US citizenship or green card status


Hello, Clojurists I am a software developer at Guaranteed Rate (#5 residential lender in US). We are based in downtown Chicago and looking for engineers (local and remote within US) and technical managers that are interested in functional programming (Clojure) and working in an unorthodox organizational structure (self-organization, mature DevOps, teams owning their products from inception to operation, self-service vast majority of infrastructure needs) with about 70 engineers so far (and growing quickly). Functional programming experience is not required - during the first five weeks you will have one job: attend our in-house Clojure University and study the language and ecosystem, so tell your friends that are ready to see the light ;) The company has around 5000 employees, IT has top notch people, we pay well and are very well positioned in the mortgage space. The company is having our best year ever (we moved from #8 consumer lender in US to #5) Our culture is carefully designed to make engineering teams as productive as possible and we take quality of our interactions very seriously. We’ve have been really successful at hiring mature adults that understand “strong opinions, loosely held” and “disagree and commit”. We build with Clojurescript, Clojure, Kubernetes, Lambdas on top of AWS. Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more or email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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@U5CV9L3QV "local and remote" -- feel free to also post this in #remote-jobs but be clear about what "remote" means for your company (remote-but-local, remote-in-USA, remote-in-same-TZ, remote-anywhere).

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Do you sponsor visas for non US citizens? Thanks!


I will find out and get back to you

Michael J Dorian03:02:28

Applied! Thanks for posting simple_smile

Ramon Rios09:02:17

I would like to know about the sponsorship too


We may consider sponsorship depending on the experience and credentials. Please email me and we can talk!

Ramon Rios18:02:22

I'll send you a email with my CV


I'll send you an email too, thanks!