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If I have released an alpha release, e.g. my-project "2.0.1-alpha2", then will show that alpha as the most recent version, (and the one used in the Leiningen/Boot/`Clojure CLI/deps.edn` snippets) ...while that is technically true, it can lead people to believe they are supposed to consume this alpha, when in reality it has a narrower intended target audience. Wondering if this has been considered already?


@vemv It has! But there really hasn't been any discussion about it - An issue is there really isn't a standard for what is or isn't a "stable" version other than a -SNAPSHOT isn't stable. We would either need to come up with that standard or allow the user a way to signal a version as non-stable - probably through the UI.


Thank you! I'll try to contribute something to that thread, keeping your reply in mind.