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Hi everyone! We still have room for presenters at our next meetup. The topic is logging. We’d love to hear from you! Drop ideas here in the channel, or you can dm @dorab or @ticean if you’re more comfortable doing that.


Selfishly, I use timbre but have been battling with slf4j this week. We have untamed, chatty Java libs logging at all levels. I’d like to log all of it as structured (json) logs. ♥️💖 if someone presents a good solution for that. 😂 😂 😂


@ticean I'll chip in with my logging setup

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We use Cambium ( ) for structured logging, but unfortunately I’m not able to make it. I also dug into trying to use LogBack in a more raw way a while back, but hit a lot of dead ends getting structured logging to work.


Thanks for the link @defndaines! I haven’t tried Cambium and will give it a look!


As I'm moving our logging infra this week I can vent talk about it for a bit

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