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Hello css friends! After dipping my feet in a couple ideas: Flex, Grid, Atomic Design Atomic Layout, tailwind css...I'm starting to reach the conclusion that the idea solution build a processor from your clojurescript to css. Simply put anywhere the processor (probably a macro?) reads {:styles {:font-size "40px"}} in your cljs file the outputted js would contain something like class=<id> and a css file would be created with .<id> {font-size "40px"}. This mapping seems to be all that tailwind and atomic design are doing. (please let me know if thats wrong). But i don't like that the names are munged fz -> font-size. This seems a needless abstraction layer. I'm positive this is ground that has been walked a million times before, I have probably looked at cljs libs that are doing this, but wasn't sure what they were or what the problems they were solving meant.