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Perry Fraser21:02:03

Hi y’all. I’m working on a project that’s using Overtone’s nice OSC api to connect to a lightboard (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds). However, I was running into some issues with the receiving server (i.e. the osc-server bits). What seems to be happening is whenever the server receives an OSC message and starts the listener/handler processing, it adds a key to the message:

(assoc msg
       :src-host (.getHostName src)
       :src-port (.getPort src))
Unfortunately it seems InetSocketAddress#getHostName makes a name server request to attempt to resolve the IP to a proper hostname. The network my laptop, and the lightboard is on, has no real internet access. This leads to a long delay while #getHostName waits for the timeout.

Perry Fraser21:02:55

I’m wondering if the preferred solution for a PR would be to switch from #getHostName to #getHostString (no reverse lookup), or to add an option for backwords compatibility between those two methods.

Perry Fraser21:02:13

Sadly I’m also no longer at said lightboard, which means it would be a bit of a pain to set up a mock/isolated test environment to test any changes, but if it’s necessary I can work something up.