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For the cognitect-labs/aws-api, the code that actually consumes stuff like and creates specs and the stuff that's needed to run aws-api, is that proprietary?


The reason I’m asking is that we need to talk to azure, and they have their api specs in swagger, so it’d be fun to use the same approach.


@U04V5VAUN I was inspired by the aws lib to make a docker client: This uses docker API's swagger to do its things. This may be of interest? Also I could use some improvements in the process too 😄


Sweet! I’ll have a look.


@U04V5VAUN It's pretty straightforward to do. We have also written an api that is very similar to aws-api for GCP:


gcp-api takes in swagger and transforms it into descriptor files (it only does this to minimize the size of the final artifact). I'm somewhat sure a generic client could be made to take in Swagger and call a service. We're also going to need to build one of these for k8s soon. Once I have a better understanding of where things are common, I may pull the swagger part out into a separate library.