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Will Spec2 provide a way to select the required keys of a nested Spec based on a dispatch value? For example, say you have a map that has a key ::items . The required keys for each map within the items list will vary based on the :type key on each item map. I could write add a top-level predicate to the ::items spec via s/and that would check the validity of each map in the items list against another defined spec. That would result in poor error messages though.


Got it. You probably have a good idea of what it may look like already. In case it may be of any use, this is what I'm thinking we'll end up implementing internally for this problem.

   {;; map of dispatch value to required keys
    ::instances {:default         []
                 :instance.type/a [:instance.a/prop1]
                 :instance.type/b [:instance.b/prop1]}
    ;; required keys for all maps
    :common     [:instance/status
    ;; dispatch fn
    :dispatch   :type}])