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Ian Fernandez13:02:15

how I config the "root" kondo for emacs lsp-mode use a lint-as config?


@d.ian.b The .clj-kondo/config.edn lives in the root of your project.

Ian Fernandez13:02:57

I need to restart lsp server to re-detect the config.edn?


no, I think the lsp-server should set the current working directory for the file you're editing


for example in Visual Studio Code you can open a directory and edit files. then the current working directory for plugins becomes that directory


@d.ian.b If something does not work as expected, you can hack on the LSP server and add some logging. The code is here:


Does clj-kondo should warn about non-existant namespaces?


@slawek098 it does warn about namespaces that you are trying to use but you haven't required. but it does not check if the namespace exists somewhere on disk