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There are quite a few clojure job postings from the UK, even for remote work. Do any of you know if the Brexit made it a no-go for continental Europeans who want to apply and work from their own country?

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Not sure if you're asking about it from a tax perspective or from a 'will somebody hire me' perspective?


I don't think it's very different from Europeans working remotely for US companies?


from tax perspective, it might on dual taxation treaties between UK and your country - these are bilateral agreements unaffected by Brexit


In any case, regardless of what's different now, you should always contact companies that interest you unless they specify some requirements in advance that you don't fit. And even then there's sometimes a chance.

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I’ve heard that eg in Poland some people are directly employed on a permanent basis by British companies. It requires some (but not a lot from what I understand) extra burden on both sides, but is possible. Employing on contract basis seems more popular…


in my experience talking with US companies: they always suggested B2B contract


Can confirm, works like a charm, across EU as well. :)


Interesting, thanks for the feedback