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Hi guys, I want to use reveal with leiningen, and for me it was not straightforward. As I'm not a leiningen expert, could you all check my proposal to @vlaaad. Reveal need to launch a repl function, I used the :repl-options { :init ...} option . @vlaaad, I did not find how to contribute directly to your website, a few lines in that readme I suggest you add in your tutorial: Maybe it's not a good option finally, my cider connection in spacemacs is not opening, a nrepl connection instead. I'm still checking.


Hi! Since you use nrepl, nrepl middleware will be enough, see example here:


Yes it work fine !! I didn't find that references, what a noob, (;p


Maybe a small improvement to prevent further guys to miss it, like I did. You could cite at the beginning of the nrepl-based editor what are the major ones: cider, ...


because nrepl-based editor, now I got it, I find it obvious, but I first miss it.


That said, thx for your great contribution to clojure wolrd


my pleasure!


Yes, I probably should add leiningen setup example somewhere...


@U04V70XH6 told me about github, a pleasure for me to contribute. I never found an opportunity to contribute an open source project in code, suggesting modifications in an md files is ok for me, (;p


I suggest au pull request on the repo. Hope it helps a little bit.


I'm checking, I guess it does