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@ivana as for the inline result, VSCode does not allow to offer "rich visualizations" to inline results, and currently the results that are rendered on the console are hiccup data structures. I'm thinking on a way to represent results as text, but I'm not yet sure on how this could play nice with the recent improvements on Interactive Results... But it would be interesting to have a converter to text - maybe I could offer a similar Chlorine/Clover experience in NeoVIM too 😄


(so much to try, so little time 😞)


@mauricio.szabo there are many plugins which shows inline results in different ways, some of this ways looks more pretty than others, but all of them are better than total absence of it 🙂 And also REPL window does not autoscroll down to show last result - user have to scroll it manually each time to see the result of evaluation. Or there is some setting for this autoscroll anywhere?


@ivana yes, the autoscroll is buggy. It did work on some previous version, I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong 😱


Hello fellow VS Code Clojurians, here’s an experiment. Calva contains a lot of work and creativity towards making Clojure coding nice. And Clover seems super nice and reaches REPLs that Calva does not. What if Calva’s static features were easier to reach without the clashing of the REPL UIs? In this build of Calva there is a setting: calva.hideREPLUi that will, exactly, hide most of Calva’s REPL UI elements. In theory it should then be a possible companion to Clover’s REPL services. I’d love some help testing if it works. PR: Calva VSIX:


@pez Are there potentially other extensions I should disable before trying to install this? I have Strict Paredit and Parinfer and a few others that maybe might conflict?


Also, how do I actually use that URL? I clicked on it and my browser helpfully turned it into a .zip file 😐


Figured it out 🙂 Renamed .zip -> .vsix and then discovered that the Extensions panel has ... with Install from VSIX option. I disabled the standalone clj-kondo, as well as Strict Paredit and Parinfer...


You can use Parinfer, but you will want to disable Calva’s auto-formatting then. (You’ll still have on-demand formatting of the current list using the tab key.) But I certainly use the autoformatter instead,.


Oh wow, that LSP integration shows a LOT of code assistance!


It packs a punch!


I suspect I'm going to need to re-map all of those Paredit keys -- they are not at all what I would expect 😐


Depending on what keys you expect there might be keymaps out there that work better for you. I know @borkdude has some Emacsy ones .


I will try the Calva keys but, lordy, they are not very intuitive...


That paredit mostly use the same as the current one, I think.


wrap ( -- I'm used to ctl-alt-9 or ctl-alt-( not ctl-alt-shift-p 👀


Yeah, some are a bit crazy. But ctrl+alt+( doesn’t make sense on most non-english keyboards.


I tend to instead do Expand Selection and then type a bracket, to wrap. But that is I. 😄


On Mac that is ctrl+w ( which is sort of a chord if you squint.


Please let them know in #lsp if you like their work. I certainly do!


You mentioned the calva.hideREPLUi setting -- how do I get to that / update it?


Typing Settings doesn't show anything related to Calva -- I already tried that -- so it's not at all obvious where/how I would find or change the setting that @pez mentioned...


Oh, it's just in the Extensions Settings for Calva as a check box. Sorry, I was expecting to find some hidden JSON stuff...


Ah, looks like I need to disable my standalone rainbow brackets extension too.


Few rainbow extensions should be able to match Calva’s anyway. 😃