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Kari Marttila08:02:19

I'm using Cursive 1.10.1.eap2-2020.3 / IDEA 2020.3 with paredit. There is a Kill Sexp in Structural editing. Is there an equivalent Copy Sexp ? E.g. At the moment Kill Sexp kills the Sexp: (^ = cursor)

(remove ^(fn [[k v]] (nil? v)) {455 nil 555 "asdf"})  =>  kills: (fn [[k v]] (nil? v))  (OK)
But Copy as kill :
(remove ^(fn [[k v]] (nil? v)) {455 nil 555 "asdf"})  =>  copies: (fn [[k v]] (nil? v)) {455 nil 555 "asdf"}  (copies extra {455 nil 555 "asdf"} )


No, there isn’t at the moment. If you file an issue I’ll see about adding that, it should be straightforward.

Daniel Wellman13:02:13

Is the “Call Hierarchy” action expected to work in Cursive or is it not supported?

Daniel Wellman13:02:59

Sorry, I meant to clarify: Does it work on Clojure functions to find the call stack of those functions?


Sadly no, but it should.


Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to add our own “Form parameters”? To get my indentation aligned with some others on my team (who just clj-fmt) I need to tweak the indentation for functions beginning with with-


Yes, you can do this: Note that you’ll have to do it for each form individually, you can’t do it for e.g. with-*

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AJ Jaro16:02:56

Has anyone configured Code with Me to use parinfer ?


I’ve never tried Code With Me, if there are problems do let me know and I’ll work with JetBrains to get them fixed.

AJ Jaro21:02:50

Ok, I only tried it the other day, but I’ll let you know if I start leaning on this tool much