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Rita Fleyfel16:02:18

Hello Clojurians ! I hope that everyone is safe 🙂 I would appreciate some advices on how to find the perfect remote worker in Clojure. I am currently working at Multis, a fintech startup based in Paris. We want to hire a full stack engineer that is based in Europe and that has at least 4 years of experience in Clojure. We actually posted the offer on some Job Boards like brave Clojure Job, RemoteOk and WTTJ. But it seems like this is not enough. What would you recommend other than try to post our offer on Linkedin, Twitter…


you mention Western Europe in your posts: any particular reason you favour Portuguese and Spaniards over Poles or Greeks?

Rita Fleyfel17:02:10

We are looking for people located in the GMT+1 timezone 🙂


in that case better to spell it that way, GMT+1 timezone is called Central European Timezone. It excludes Portugal, Ireland and the UK which most people would place in Western Europe. And at the same time eg Noway, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia are in the CET, but most people would say they’re not in ‘Western Europe’


but at the same time significant chunk of Africa is also in the GMT+1 timezone, including eg Algeria and Angola

Rita Fleyfel17:02:03

You are actually right, we will correct the wording. We meant the European Union, and hiring people from Poland, Sweden or any other European countries in the CET can be done if the candidate is qualified for the job opportunity !

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Functional Works is decent for getting Clojure applicants.

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Rita Fleyfel16:02:58

Thank you so much ! and have a great evening!


i've looked at the monthly hacker news jobs postings for my last two jobs. the clojure subreddit has some job posting threads at some interval i believe. and this slack is pretty much a standard in the clojure community. i'd hit those and see what happens

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The specified salary range seems quite low for the required skills, experience, and narrow geographic range. I imagine that is why you are not getting more candidates.