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I came by a nice metaphor: Fulcro is like a fractal, or perhaps better like cellular automata (think Conway's Game of Life) - there are only a few simple, orthogonal concepts / rules whose combination produces a wealth of features. That's why, despite the simple basics, we need 100s of pages of documentation to learn everything we can get out of them.

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hi, I came from React community and would like to know what is the common usage by fulcro community to write yours owns components and design system CSS with fulcro, without use semantic-ui?


I'm going to answer even though I'm not an experienced Fulcro user. Fulcro itself does not dictate the UI (i.e. component and/or design system) - that is completely up to you to decide. Pick your (React) component + design framework, and use that when creating your Fulcro UI elements. If you decide to use Fulcro-RAD (this is optional and not needed, you can use Fulcro without this), you would have to implement a Fulcro-RAD UI Rendering Plugin using your chosen framework (basically do for your chosen framework what does for Semantic UI CSS)

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There is an integration library for stock Fulcro fulcro-css that lets you co-locate CSS rules on components that will end up component-namespaced. That is the limit of the real offerings around “styling” components in a Fulcro-reusable way; Otherwise, it’s just your normal toolchain you’d use with any other UI project (e.g. less, sass, etc.).

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fyi npm install fails with dep conflict on a clean clone of fulcro-template (using node v15.7.0 , npm v7.4.3)


(yarn works)


Hm, why would yarn work and npm fail? Makes no sense? Or is it due to a different conflict resolution strategy?


good question….js ecosystem is very much more unstable than the JVM ecosystem. I have mostly switched to using yarn. In this case it looks like one of the deps in the template still REQUIRES react 16, but the template has been updated to 17. Yarn perhaps doesn’t treat that as a hard error. Either way, you could either update react-icons or downgrade react/dom.


Is there a guide to implementing a different Fulcro-RAD UI Rendering Plugin, or should I just look at and 'copy' everything it does but for the different UI framework? I'm evaluating Fulcro/Fulcro-RAD for a project that requires, and I'm trying to get a feel as to what would be involved to implement a Material-UI Rendering Plugin.


Somebody might have begun on it already but if (github?) search doesn't find it...


Yeah, that’s basically the approach. You could literally copy SUI plugin and sub out formatting in every function and largely just keep the structure in tact. RAD itself calls just a few top-level entry points. The actual code structure that a UI plugin uses is up to the plugin. I will not claim that the SUI one is pretty….I have not refined it for “excellence”, I consider it more of a “something to get us started” with hopes that the community will step up with better things.

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Björn Ebbinghaus14:02:49

@U08AYNSSK I am currently writing a fulcro + material-ui app. I have a repo where I collect all the wrappers I use. (Note: It isn't complete or even autogenerated like does.)

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Thanks @U4VT24ZM3 I did find your library. I might very well make use of it if/when implementing the RAD plugin