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For anyone still using org.clojure/java.jdbc, I just released 0.7.12 to Maven Central. The only difference from 0.7.11 is that most of the protocols are now extensible via metadata making it easier to work with a wider variety of data types (just like in next.jdbc). Follow-up in #sql

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Yehonathan Sharvit18:02:36

My dear Clojure friends, Developing in Clojure over the last 9 year taught me so many powerful general insights about programming. I am writing a book called “Data-Oriented programming” in which I am attempting to share part of those insights with the global developer community. The;utm_medium=affiliate&amp;utm_campaign=book_sharvit2_data_1_29_21&amp;a_aid=viebel&amp;a_bid=d5b546b7 is available in early stage at Here is a 50% off discount code: mlsharvit2.

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I recognize plantuml diagrams ! Good choice

Yehonathan Sharvit20:02:30

Hehe! Being able to have “source code” for diagrams motivates me to create lots of diagrams. I don’t have to bother my mind with the look and feel of the diagram. I focus on the “logic” of the diagram. Also, I have the ability to refactor diagrams across the whole project (e.g. fixing a typo or changing the case of a term…)

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I love that you posted this, because earlier today I had posted a link to the book on our company’s internal Clojure Slack channel saying “This looks like a book about how to program as if you were using Clojure”! 😀


A use case I love also, being able to generate diagrams.


Enjoyed skimming it, especially this:

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David Vujic11:02:08

Purchased the book and read the available chapters yesterday, I like it! :thumbsup:

Yehonathan Sharvit16:02:48

I am so happy. Spread the word among your friends!

Yehonathan Sharvit16:02:56

@U018VMC8T0W Would you be interested in contributing to a Wikipedia article about Data-oriented programming?

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David Vujic17:02:41

Sounds like fun and a good way to learn more about the subject 😄

Yehonathan Sharvit17:02:24

Definitely. I have added you to #data-oriented-programming. There is a link there to the draft of the Wikipedia article and how you could contribute.