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Alastair Hole11:01:45

Hi, I’m fairly new to Clojure (looking at alternatives to Erlang/Brod, mainly to be able to use Kafka Streams API). So far I am trying to consume a topic with messages encoded in Avro with Schema Registry integration. Can someone point me at any examples of how to do this? I think I need to use a resolver but I am unsure what is required. I am hoping that it can retrieve the correct schema automatically from the header bytes of the message payload


Hey Alistair There’s some example avro code buried inside a comment in one of the examples in the code


There’s a few rough edges to jackdaw but I think it provides a decent experience for working with kafka streams (though I’m definitely biased towards solutions that allow me to write clojure). It hasn’t quite kept up with the pace of the upstream so sometimes you need to drop down to the java interop level but usually that’s not too much of a problem.

Alastair Hole14:01:26

Thanks @cddr 🙂 Is it possible to provide basic auth credentials to schema registry via Jackdaw? Or would I need to mix in some Java interop?


Yeah I’ve definitely heard of people using the confluent schema-registry (which requires auth) with jackdaw. Lemme see if I have any code snippets