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Alastair Hole17:01:30

Are there any plans to pull something like this?

Alastair Hole17:01:48

I have found success with schema registry basic auth via interop:

(def cli (CachedSchemaRegistryClient. (get (basic-config) "schema.registry.url") 200 (select-keys (basic-config) ["basic.auth.credentials.source" ""])))
(def serde-resolver
  (partial resolver/serde-resolver :schema-registry-url (get (basic-config) "schema.registry.url")
           :schema-registry-client cli))

Sam H12:01:40

you should also be able to set:

:basic.auth.credentials.source "USER_INFO"
: "<username>:<password>"

Alastair Hole16:01:13

@U0DPX8ZQB Thanks - I found that those values are not passed to the schema registry client by Jackdaw so I had to use interop as above

Alastair Hole16:01:27

Unless I have missed something, perhaps there’s another way to do it?

Sam H16:01:01

ah sorry you're right. We did have have to use interop too

Alastair Hole16:01:56

Oh cool 🙂 It’s good to know I didn’t miss an easier way to do it

Alastair Hole16:01:36

It seems like it would be a simple enough addition to Jackdaw, there even seem to be some open MRs for it. I’m not sure if there’s something I can do to help get it merged?

Alastair Hole16:01:47

I am quite new to Clojure so still finding my feet

Sam H16:01:26

the folks at funding circle maintain it but I'm not sure how active they currently are