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good morning! I'm looking for more examples of the on-prem datomic metaschema to trinodb for analytics setup - the docs seem pretty thin 😕 anyone know of any other examples?


could someone share an up to date comparison between datomic on-prem and cloud? it’s been a couple of years - the last time I looked at cloud there were some subtle differences iirc.


The transaction log listener stuff is trivial to simulate, since there is a tx log. The lack of excision is a bit more difficult to work around, and up until now there is no official way to do a backup/restore of the database in cloud.


Though the backup one is a top priority and is supposed to be coming “very soon”


thanks tony!


no d/entity in cloud


oh, interesting! d/entity is useful, but I can see why it’s not a priority. It is a bit magical..


I think it's more of a performance issue, d/entity is not wire friendly as you could be doing an i/o or request to get a single attribute


ah, I think the non-uniform perf issue is a consequence of the magic in this case, but yes, exactly.


two big things that stand out for me is the lack of being able to listen at the transaction log and no excision


@cmdrdats thank you - I didn’t know about either of those. thanks for sharing.