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@salva.onrez Are you asking how to get inline evaluation in emacs? Maybe try asking in the #emacs channel.


I managed to combine server- and client-side rendering using Rum in an elegant way (IMHO) and it didn’t even take that long. I wrote some words about how I did it here:

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quick question: did you do .clj and .cljs and shared components in .cljc ?


I have rewritten the above document so that has more content. Feel free to (re)read. 🙂


Thanks, I'm pretty slow and it's hard for me to read beyond the first couple paragraphs and follow. Maybe you can write a very simplified set of bullet points for how you accomplished it for people like me 😄

Drew Verlee01:05:50

I'm likely about to go through this process myself. I might be able to help.