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I think this also belongs here: 😒

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Yehonathan Sharvit22:01:51

Incredible! And like the way you interleave technical details with narration

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Of course someone will try to fix it. By creating another tool!


Not identical to this comic's subject, but similar:


And folks wonder why I want to avoid Node/NPM completely when I work with ClojureScript... πŸ˜‰

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I'm kinda sad to say that Clojure's stability seems to be the exception, not the norm.


Maddeningly, my employer recently decided that they had to switch from ClojureScript to TypeScript because they couldn't find enough people who wanted to do cljs and it's easy to find people who want to do js 😭

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eccentric J19:01:05

I'm so sorry. TS is awful. Been learning it for work and hating it, trying to switch to cljs but they're concerned about hiring. Aiming to let them let me handle hiring since it'll be better to reach out to the community directly than the typical recruiter general hiring sites, still not a guarantee though unfortunately it's not a very popular dialect.


I've been a programmer for quite a few years now, but somehow it never ceases to baffle me that so many people are only willing to work professionally in a language and an ecosystem that I think are pretty widely acknowledged to be low quality (for excellent reasons, as @U3Y18N0UC convincingly points out).