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I have a document {:xt/id "" :type :user} that only shows up with (tx/entity ,,,), but not with (tx/q db {:find [?e], :where [[?e :xt/id]]}). The weird thing is if I save a new document with a different username, for example the code will work. Any ideas on how to debug this?


Hi 🙂 I agree this looks weird...are you running everything in-memory? If you can distil a repro and upload it somewhere then I would certainly like to investigate it. Alternatively, if you have time and interest, I would be very happy to pair on this tomorrow if there's a convenient time (feel free to DM me!)


It’s postgres / postgres

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I’ll see if I can make a minimal repo and reproduce it


Thanks, that's useful to know. Were both the entity and q calls you mentioned running against the same db?


So if I drop the postgres database, and recreate it from scratch, the code is working fine and as expected. I’ve somehow gotten the database into an invalid state. I took a backup of the broken sql database if you want to see it. However, while it is a test database with only test data, some of the PII are real so I would not be comfortable sharing it publicly.


> Were both the entity and q calls you mentioned running against the same db? Yes


Hmm 😕 Well, if you would be more comfortable emailing it encrypted or something, perhaps we could try that. I could even arrange for us to sign an NDA or similar and promise to delete the files when we're done (one way or the other)


Just in case anyone ever comes across this again - it turned out to be the same issue as (which got fixed)

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Greg Reichow21:01:44

Currently deployed an XTDB node using the juxt/xtdb-standalone-rocksdb docker image. It is working great, yet the logging inside the container is at DEBUG which is generating a massive amount of noise. Anyone know how to change this log level for the node running in the docker container? (The docs talk about how to change in the REPL, but not clear how to do this for the node running via docker)


Hey @U025VPS4R7U I just pasted the Q&A here (hope you don't mind!) - but feel free to follow-up wherever's easiest

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Greg Reichow22:01:12

Thanks for the quick answer and the post to the forum!

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