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Hi all, London Clojurians online talks are back!!! We are back after the summer break with an amazing line-up of speakers and talks: Next week we have: Turning your editor into a Clojure IDE with clojure-lsp (by Eric Dallo) Sign up if you haven't yet, and also check the other upcoming talks: - Maurício Szabo - Spock (Prolog in Clojure) - - Christian Weilbach - Daphne (Probabilistic Programming) - - Wilker Lucio - Pathom 3 - - Paulo Feodrippe - Recife (model checker) - - Chris Badahdah - Portal -

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So it looks like there are a lot of great Clojure groups scattered throughout the US and beyond. With everything being virtual, has there been a thought of creating one larger meetup group? I'd be happy to run point on creating something like this


Thank you!! And hmm if we did 6 central that may not be too bad for anyone if we keep the content to an hour or so


I’m not US based, but I hope it’s okay to share some experience on a similar setup here. In Germany there are a lot (20-30) of small, local Java Usergroups and I used to run one, too (before moving away from that city). During the pandemic, some of them went online and had some good experience. At some point, a german-wide online UG was founded by well connected people with access to well known speakers and was very successful, but they “stole away” visitors from the smaller usergroups’ online meetings to some extent. After realizing this, the big group disbanded again. People only have a certain amount of time to visit user groups (and online-meeting-fatigue) and might choose to visit the bigger group only.


that's very very good feedback thank you!