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Hiya 👋 We've been working on a prototype at work that uses Helix, shadow-cljs and AWS Amplify (amongst other things). I'm now looking to customise the Amplify authentication form, similar to what's being done here That example is using a class that extends the Amplify SignIn class. I was wondering if Helix supported class extension for components in some way? I found some discussion from about a year ago around defclass, but I'm not sure if that culminated in something officially supported or not. Any help here would be massively appreciated thanks3


P.S. Thank you @lilactown for creating Helix. It's been great to work with so far 💯

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yeah helix won't help you with that right now. there's a defcomponent macro that essentially does class component extends React.Component but helix doesn't have a macro or other mechanism for extending arbitrary classes


if you're using shadow-cljs you can try using shadow.cljs.modern:


what an awful API though


the other option is you could write that component in JS and include it in your source and then use it with helix. i.e. SignIn.js

// This is my custom Sign in component
export class MySignIn extends SignIn {
  render() {
   ["./SignIn.js" :as sign-in]
   ["aws-amplify-react" :as amplify]
   [helix.core :refer [defnc $]]))

(defnc app

  app false
  ($ sign-in/MySignIn)
  ($ amplify/ConfirmSignIn)
  ($ amplify/VerifyContact)
  ($ amplify/SignUp)
  ($ amplify/ConfirmSignUp)
  ($ amplify/ForgotPassword)
  ($ amplify/RequireNewPassword))


Brilliant, thanks @lilactown 👍 I'll try that route tomorrow