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Steven Deobald16:09:19

Apologies for the confusion in your window for this meetup, folks, but we've renamed Crux to XTDB. If you find any URLs are broken, please check

Steven Deobald16:09:54

Twitter announcement is here: Release notes here: Channel renamed to #xtdb if you need to shout at us for breaking something. 😉 <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> is live if you want to reach the team directly.

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Steven Deobald16:09:39

The tutorials have been migrated, so you can run the new stuff from here: The old tutorial URLs haven't broken, for what it's worth. (Still available at for now.) If you do run into any snags tonight for some reason, please feel free to (a) shout at us and (b) drop back to crux-1.18.1. Hopefully that won't be necessary, though. 🙂 Have fun!

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hey @steven427 no worries at all, we'll have fun bantering about it and we'll figure out how to get things going again.

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Steven Deobald19:09:52

@nate As luck (?) would have it, I have to go pick up some friends with my canoe tonight so they don't have to walk the beach in high tide right when you'll be running the meetup. I'm up late anyway (I'm on the east coast) so I'll do my best to attend. 🙂


Oh wow. Stay safe out there. Of course, a canoe is like a big parenthesis, so it should be stable. 😉

Steven Deobald23:09:02

I think I buy it.