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Hello 🙂 With one of our startup partners, a rapidly scaling international product company in Bulgaria, Remote IT World is hiring a Clojure Developer.  The company provides all the onboarding, training, and mentoring needed for your professional growth. #full-time #permanent #remotejob APPLY


OPEN Technologies—a team of building engineers, architects and software devs working on supporting decarbonization of the built environment—is looking for a full-time intermediate Clojure developer in the Vancouver BC catchment area. (“Catchment” meaning: remote v non-remote is a bit academic at the moment, but at least be time-zone compatible with North American Pacific Time and able to be in-person 1-2 days/wk when <waves vaguely> the Situation permits it again).

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We at Watchful are hiring frontend engineers again to build a tool and platform for programmatically creating training data for machine learning, which is called machine teaching. Interactively producing training data on the fly with a REPL-like feedback loop measured in milliseconds, as opposed to traditional machine learning where labels are produced by hand, one at a time. If you're interested in bridging the gap between Machine Learning and Software Development, please apply and join my team! Frontend is written in ClojureScript and re-frame. Backend is written in Rust. We're remote! We love it! Most of us are working from the US, but open to hiring globally.

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