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I’m not sure if I should be asking in here or #hiccup but could someone point me in the right direction for using my “/book/new” route with a standard form via hiccup? I’m rather new to web dev in general as far as dealing with a backend so I’m not sure where i’m goofing.


• forms will be submited as "url encoded" or "multipart" I think that a possible tasklist for you • Make ::insert-book handle form params • Make "/book/new" :get method, that returns a HTML via hiccup • Make the form inside hiccup HTML I didn't understand what is comlog


@U2J4FRT2T yeah thats where i’m goofing. making it handle form params. Right now I can give it a json map via curl/Emacs REST client. I was wondering how to go about sending the data from the form as JSON before I start fooling around with reagent, etc. Comlog is just a creative name i’m using for what will later be a dashboard of sorts.


I sort of see my confusion now. My intention is to post and receive json yet I wanted to experiment with just hiccup first before taking the leap.