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Are there any libraries or utilities for documenting your integrant keys? Unfortunately you can’t add docstrings or metadata to defmethods, so curious if other people have solved this problem somehow.

Noah Bogart17:09:39

comments in your config edn maybe?


Hoping for it to be data so we can use it for other things (like building documentation).

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Joshua Suskalo17:09:00

When creating rules with odoyle I just made an atom which had a map from keys to docstrings and made an extra doc function for getting them.


^ this is what we were considering, just wanted to verify a solution didn’t already exist.

Joshua Suskalo21:09:09

Yeah, I'm not aware of one. Although I think that an nrepl middleware could be designed that would take a message to register a new doc handler that will call a different documentation function specified by the user's code.

Joshua Suskalo21:09:28

It could provide a general facility for editor integration with arbitrary documentation registries.