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Björn Ebbinghaus01:09:59

Hey @tony.kay. The 3.5.4 jar is without the new clj-kondo config and I noticed, that the pom.xml doesn't include the src/clj-kondo folder. When trying to generate a new pom.xml:

clj -X:deps mvn-pom
Skipping paths: src/clj-kondo
Maybe you know how to fix this?


ah, thanks for noticing


I pushed fulcro 3.5.5-SNAPSHOT...looks right to me, want to check @mroerni

Björn Ebbinghaus09:09:39

Imported config to .clj-kondo/com.fulcrologic/fulcro. To activate, add "com.fulcrologic/fulcro" to :config-paths in .clj-kondo/config.edn. 🎉 It works.

🎉 2

Works for me too


great. I'll make that an official release then

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:09:01

Happy to see somebody other than me is using the clj-kondo integration :star-struck:


I have a load! that may or may not find some data on the server. What is the best way to perform subsequent actions depending on the result? If a result is returned, I want some rendering to happen to reflect it (`set-active`); if no data is found, I want to create it and then render (`create-and-set-active`). I'm using :post-mutation but I'm not sure it's ideal because then I end up creating things like tempids inside the mutation rather than in the UI, and it generally seems to lead to a poor separation of concerns.