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Ben Sless06:09:48

cross-posting here because tools-analyzer channel seems a bit dead and this is a core project

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:09:29

I think that’s the spec, and I assume it’s up to date


hey @ben.sless apologies I missed the message in #tools-analyzer, yes that's up to date, you can browse it at

Ben Sless13:09:45

Thank you, that's how I got to the source file to begin with. This is just me being spoiled, but a spec defined with the spec lib would be very nice. It's a bit of gruntwork, wouldn't mind doing it myself


t.a predated spec by a few years, I don't have much time to do that right now, but if you're willing to do that be my guest, I can be around answering questions

Ben Sless13:09:20

That might be enough, but anyway it's a good starting point. thank you