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Is there a way to customize how will hl-line mode will affect a given face that is unrelated to hl-line


e.g. I have a custom font-locking that comes from a minor mode:


but when I place the cursor over there, hl-line-mode will make it unreadable


(for clarity: as you might not see my hl-line is just another shade of dark grey)


Thanks for the suggestion! That seems to create a buffer-specific hl-line face, whereas I'm seeking a mechanism that says "if hl-line clashes with the specific face xxx, then use yyy as the background color"


you could probably do that by overwriting hl-line-make-overlay to put a custom face value based off something? But no, I don't know of any existing way to do this


Sounds well-guided. Probably I'll simply choose less conflicting colors though 🙂


so i'm playing with rolling my own emacs config instead of spacemacs. what do you folks think of this guide to get me going with cider/clojure mode? Anything you would add or subtract? I'm trying to go as minimal as possible (while using use-package) as I actually finally sit down and learn Emacs. It's been a blast so far but I'm concerned I'm neglecting clojure learning while exploring the new toy.