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@alandipert Good to know re: 2.8.2. I think the repeated argument parsing regression is my only blocker.


One thing that I haven't turned into an issue -- because I can't figure out a repro case -- and it relates to pods so your comment jogged my memory: we are randomly getting compiler errors / class not found exceptions during pod refreshes under some circumstances that we can't nail down -- it will happen on one Boot run and if we re-run Boot it doesn't happen (or it happens in a different place).


This was the issue that I initial thought was Clojure 1.10.0-alpha6 (and the new ASM stuff) but eventually I isolated that as not being responsible since I could also repro on 1.9.0 (I was only seeing a failure to load the instant18 file before, but then started seeing CNFE and compile errors elsewhere). At least part of the issue appears to be heap-related: I increased the heap in the JVM options and things got better -- but I still see these errors occasionally (even when I don't seem to be pushing the heap).


It's as if the async pod cleanup has flushed classes out that are actually still being used somewhere else sometimes.


(so, right now, I'm rather soured on pods because they are random "killers" for my build, rather than being a "killer feature" 😞 )


basically the worst kind of bug


I'm not at my computer now but if you wouldn't mind pasting your findings in an issue I can try to reproduce this week

seancorfield00:09:29 @alandipert 🙂 As I hit more, different errors, I'll put those in Gists and add them to the ticket.

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Is there anyway to make boot throw an exception when you type Ctrl+C in the repl. A program is freezing and I'm trying to figure out exactly where.


you want jstack

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:09:32

Just kill -3 the process

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is it just me, or does boot use a metric ton of open files?


(file descriptors I guess)


@hiredman Yeah, it's pretty heavy on that because of the temporary fileset it creates (so, for our repo, there are many, many thousands of files open/being watched).


Our wrapper script turns off Boot's file watchers if you're not running a REPL @hiredman

# If not a REPL, turn watchers off for better performance
        export BOOT_WATCHERS_DISABLE=yes


@alandipert RE: 2.8.2. Can we also get a fresh build of boot-bin? I'm quite waiting for BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS in feature. Thanks!