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tools.cli now requires Clojure 1.8.0 to build, has been updated but some sort of "bump" is needed for that to take effect, right? @alexmiller


(this is version 0.4.0 which brings complete parity between clj/cljs by switching to .cljc files and also dropping the Leiningen / dalap testing stuff and switching to clj/`deps.edn`)


@mfikes Thank you for your help in #clojurescript regarding tools.cli!


No problem. At some point, if there is interest I'd like to supply a patch making it easy to ensure that tools.cli is testable for self-hosted environments. (Either the way test.check works, or with later approaches like tach or doo's support for selfhosted. or perhaps some new deps.edn based self-host testing approach.)


Oh, maybe we are already getting that for free, as tools.cli uses olical/cljs-test-runner which is based on doo which has self-hosted support on master. 🙂


Thanks @alexmiller ! I was pleasantly surprised at how slick the whole cljs thing went with that test runner @mfikes -- let's you test with doo by default and also with phantomjs via a command line switch, as I understand it.


Using the olical tool myself, pretty slick, thanks a lot to the maintainer 😄 Thanks Sean for the generator change will try it these days here at work