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Unifying those was on my mind, but I didn’t get to doing this for some reason.


Btw, I’ll be at ClojuTRE the next couple of days, so I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in person!


how do i link a buffer to a repl now? “No Linked CIDER Sessions” is getting in my way. i’m pasting entire files into the repl buffer like a noob to get past it


All linking commands are listed here and in sesman’s menu.


Is this some buffer outside of the project you used to start the REPL in?


so, it’s a file that’s in checkouts, but i’m reaching the file via its own git folder, rather than via the symlink


sesman-link-with-buffer fixes the issue


@bozhidar guessing you will be/are already on cljtre?! ;)


@benedek Yep. I arrived here yesterday.


nice one. can't wait to bump into you on the corridors :)


arriving tonight staying till sat afternoon


Since I've updated my emacs, cider, and prelude, when I fire up emacs my application isn't started automatically any more. Before that was probably handled by a (cider-cljs-lein-repl . "(do (user/go) (user/cljs-repl))") in a .dir-locals.el from the chestnut lein template, but that doesn't seem to work any more. I have to run (reloaded.repl/reset) or (reloaded.repl/reset-all) to start the app. However, that now also attempts to start figwheel, which is already running (I use cider-jack-in-clj&cljs). Before reset and reset-all only affected the clj REPL, not the cljs REPL. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask for help. If there is a better channel you know of, please tell me. If you have a pointer how to decouple reloaded.repl/reset from the figwheel process, I would really appreciate it. Currently having a hard time wrapping my head around what is going on, and it's been over a year since I set it up originally and don't remember the details any more.


Yeah, that’s the right place to ask for help.


cider-cljs-lein-repl was replaced. You can read about this here


> I have to run (reloaded.repl/reset) or (reloaded.repl/reset-all) to start the app.


How exactly are you running this?