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I will be moving to Perth. Few months ago I started looking around some Clojure community and found clj-melb, I also wanted to join one of their events from remote but I think that it wasn't hosted at all. For now I am just making some research about salaries and benefits to have an idea of what to expect ☺️ I will probably start looking more actively in few months, so expect me to bother this channel again in the future 😝


👋 welcome to Perth. I don't know of any companies here that are using Clojure, but I have seen positions advertised in Sydney and Melbourne that are open to remote workers. We have a 2-3 hour time difference with them (depending on daylight savings).


thanks for letting me know! I will keep my eyes open and scan the market 🙂 Any specific tool/website you suggest I can use for salary research and/or job seeking? For now I am lurking on LinkedIn through job alerts for software engineer positions


I lurk on LinkedIn as well 🙂 Quite a few jobs in Australia are advertised on I haven't seen any Clojure ones yet but it could be useful for getting a feel for salary, technologies etc. You'll notice that Perth is quite Microsoft focused and there's a lot of .net positions. Otherwise, I keep an eye on the #jobs and #remote-jobs channels and You do sometimes see positions in AU.


I completely forgot about brave jobs! Thanks a lot for your help! really appreciated 😄


You’re welcome 🙂 Let me know if you need recommendations for things to do in Perth.


Will do ☺️ thanks!


My new company does .net so I’ve been learning ClojureCLR 😊


I’m wondering if @U055XFK8V might have any suggestions. He started on Clojure when he was still living in Perth. I know it's been a while, but maybe he knows someone 🙂