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Good morning

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Those are some beautiful colors 😮


Filters though :)


In fairness to me it's still representative and yeah it's a very photogenic field. I often post variations of it 🙂

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Good morning!


I birthed a very fruitful discussion about memory usage on #clojure yesterday:


haven’t had time to really go through all of the stuff people talked about yet, but there’s certainly a lot there


That thread is a treasure chest.


Looking forward to the distilled blog version in a few weeks :)


Yet another blog post on java / clojure memory settings to add to the confusion! 😛


I have several blog posts that I want to write and no blog to publish them on 😛 Actually, the reason why I want to reduce memory is precisely because I want to serve a blog from the same cheap droplet


If you want to serve a blog, generate static HTML. It's by far the cheapest option


yeah, I think I will do that, but I am also considering a bunch of upgrades on top of that and various web experiments, probably available from subdomains similar to


the bare minimum that I want is pages rendered from markdown and an RSS feed, so that should be doable in an entirely static way


I have such a bare minimum with a babashka-scripted blog


Maybe I’ll use yours as a base then


I started with an Octopress blog in 2014 or so but recently, being chased by Ruby gem problems, I decided to port it to babashka. Initially it was only 200 lines or so but then I decided to write my own Clojure highlighter too


I seem to remember reading your blog post on HN some time ago. I like this idea of a blog as a git repo.


If feel you my blog is offline because I can not longer invoke all the magic spells to make octopresss run 🙈 it's so old that I would need to dig up some ancient docker images I suppose.


My experience is that I've blogged a lot more now that I have control over my own blog's minimal Clojure sources


I haven’t had a real blog since I was a teenager. Back then I wrote my own blog mini-CMS several times over in PHP and made an updated design every time. I think this is the final iteration:


The only “blog post” I did since then was that essay that got popular on HN and that was literally just exported from Google Docs as HTML and put on


But I do have many thoughts… your blog repo has inspired me. I think I would be posting similar content to you.


Oh, looks like neat service. Even postgres is rather cheap here.


@U04V15CAJ Nice, seems good for small projects! I switched from DigitalOcean to hetzner yesterday evening and that’s only €5/month including taxes and provides me with 2GB/2CPU and something like 20TB network transfer, so that’s plenty of resources to run lots of web services on a single virtual server.


nice! I should probably switch too :)


although a VPS is more work to maintain


Hetzner cloud is awesome. I'm a customer for 20+ years now 😱

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“tysk kvalität” as we say in Danish 😛


I used to rent a "bare metal" server there until maybe 2 years ago. That server was 10years old by then and the replace hard drives, raid controller and the mainboard more than one time over the duration of the rent. Very impressive and a good reminder to keep some backups (and verify you can restore them!)


how do you run different apps on your VPS, on the bare OS or via Docker / nixos / whatever?


I'm using a mixed approach 😱


usually a mix too


I now have a VPS running for 10 years or so on the bare OS. it's a bit of mess and I don't dare to touch it ;)


caddy or nginx as reverse proxy, and then you can do whatever


On one server I run mail and web directly on debian and I don't dare to touch much of it either, except for security upgrades. On another server I have a couple of docker containers running for some php stuff I'm forced to run.


nginx is reverse proxying for these services.


I wanted to look into using systemd-nspawn for running OCI containers for a while now.


I'm also using ngingx. And of course PHP because I'm running a Wordpress site on there too. But I abused php to make a site with babashka too ;)


Gooood morning!


Go,ooo,ood morning!


@raymcdermott I believe you said something about one of the great things about Clojure is RDD because it relieves you from having to play computer. I think I find that s-exprs combined with Clojure being as simple as it is, it’s so easy to play computer that I don’t have to use the repl when refactoring. You might also argue that my refactorings then aren’t worth much…


Same for me. I do lots of refactorings, big and small, “cowboy-style”, without testing before the end. And it works pretty well! For me, I think, the key is the Clojure core set of functions being so well thought out and succinct, and me having fairly solid knowledge about them at this point.


The regularity of s-exprs lays out a solid foundation for text juggling, which makes it very enjoyable 🙂


Trying to teach new co-workers slurping, barfing and all that, I think they’ll appreciate it a bit later on.

Ben Hammond09:05:46

once you get used to paredit you find it really annoying that it is not available in plain old Java (or Kotlin)

Ben Hammond09:05:00

maybe it is, and I am just not looking hard enough..?


Hmm does it really make sense in that context?


I imagine it must be harder to implement because the syntax is "less regular" (don't know how else to express it)


the main thing about playing computer is holding a lot of variables that change over time. Doing it at all is a signal that you're a programmer and after that ymmv.