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Heya, question regarding local/deps option in bb.edn: Is it also possible to re-use deps from aliases defined in the given deps.edn this way?


@dergutemoritz Unfortunately this isn't supported by deps.edn . What you could however do is something like:

bb --classpath $(clojure -Spath -A:foo)


@borkdude Thanks for the quick reply! 🙇 Nice, with BABASHKA_CLASSPATH I should be able to make this available by default even!

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Hmm but this will always override deps given in bb.edn right?


I have some npm libraries they all implement a CLI - I can simply call the CLI with Babashka or II can use NBB probably at a deeper level - My ultimate use case is to send data froma web app into the npm library for conversion - ie markdown to Html or a custom schema declaration to JSON. schema -- Is there a difference ie in performance between nbb v Babashka for this type of use case?


@tbrooke If you don't do anything else than calling those CLIs from the command line, it doesn't really matter. If you need to call those libraries programmatically, then #nbb will start to make sense