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I am finding the circleci command line tool useful. I’m using circleci config validate to help me find my (many) yaml errors before pushing!


I've been using this and some more things too, understands the circle yaml, really nice hints and hooks nicely into lsp 😄


Neat! Does it find semantic errors in circleci config too?


Not really so much about the intricacies, but more about the required keys and their types. Would still recommend the cli for things like minimum number of jobs etc.

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The lsp is a nice, less context switching mechanism given that you're kinda familiar with circle 😄


Gives me an idea to hook this up to way to hook in non lsp things into neovims lsp. Uses #clj-kondo in a similar way.


Now that CircleCI has generously made Windows and macOS platforms available for open source use, I am dipping a toe in. One thing I’m unclear on is what software comes included for these platforms. I’ve searched the CircleCI docs, maybe I missed descriptions somewhere.