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Update on my “Chrome password manager” stumper (8:50 AM ET yesterday): switching to plain vanilla re-frame password fields does not fix the bug. Updating to the latest re-frame/reagent/react also does not fix it. HOWEVER, I’ve found that if I type the complete password, then type an extra character and delete it, and hit the “Sign On” button, it DOES record my complete password. So I guess that Chrome is assembling my password value by watching change events? And somehow it’s missing the last character added? Unless I add and delete an extra character? Just so bizarre.


The password field contains the complete password at the time of the ajax call to the auth endpoint. Wrapping the input fields inside a [:form ...] does not help. Change events are being fired for each character typed into the field.


It’s a re-frame/reagent/react component, so the field is being re-rendered with a new value every time the password value changes in the app-db.


If I search for Chrome and React password bugs I do find a long history of issues. I haven't looked into it and can't tell if this affects you as well. So feel free to ignore them (sorry I can't be of use)


I’ll have a look, thanks. I did find several bugs when I searched, but they were all related to Chrome not offering to save passwords, rather than Chrome saving garbled passwords. I’ll check these out though.