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I Working on a Scheme to C compiler in Lisp. Check it out and give me some feedback please if you can

Amit Rathore13:05:09

where do folks find the best Clojure engineers to recruit for new innovations and open source projects?


Perhaps better in #jobs-discuss?

Martynas M20:05:42

^ This engineer is pretty good


Not sure, but this job board might be popular given the book's popularity:


The question seems interesting as it has a twist, right? You're not simply hiring but also hiring "for open source projects" if I'm not mistaken?


Some simple constructs can be frustratingly hard to reverse-engineer. For example, *(Noe\''REPLY=$RANDOM'\') ZSH glob basically means "list files randomly". If you don't know that... well, good lucking figuring that out - you'd have to read a whole lot of documentation before piecing it all together. And won't help you here. I'm now reading some cl-format recipes and oh boy would it not be fun to try and understand someone else's code that relies heavily on it. I guess it's the same thing with RegEx and I'm just used to them enough to understand them or to know what to look for. And there's invaluable I've also been told that learning APL is worth it, but looking at its source code examples makes me squint real hard. This post is basically just a rant, but I wish there was a universal way to figure out what any of such opaque strings means, given the right context. Similar to how we have units, in a way:

$ units 5kg lbs
	* 11.023113
	/ 0.090718474

Martynas M06:05:51

Hm... there could be a search engine for these blobs 😄