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Victor Saase03:05:27

Hi, what is the current suggestion for a RN setup? I see some people using Krell, but there is also react-native-figwheel-bridge. What is the difference in functionality of these two for example?


Hi all, I've been developing an expo based app, I made some useful cljs wrappers to use some libs (e.g. React Native itself, expo, UI Kitten, etc). Right now I'm thinking on publish them as Open Source projects, but IDK if this stack (CLJS + RN + Expo) is popular and if someone would find them interesting. What do you think? Which setup are you using?

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I'm using cljs, react native, expo, react native paper for a hobby app to learn clojure. I'd be interested in your work to see examples of how other people build things in the mobile space.

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It's also a hobby to me (but I pretend to create a nice app)

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