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Amit Rathore21:05:50

Hi everyone - I'm launching a new data layer that takes elements of existing knowledge representation and computation concepts and adds elements of a distributed ledger to produce a new abstraction I'm seeking interested clojure developers who may want to work on this


Is part of this work open source and unpaid? (and part of it an actual job or a shared equity kind of thing)


legit question: does this mean anything to anyone? I can't make sense of any of what was said here or what this does or how it's useful. maybe I'm just missing a huge chunk of knowledge and can't think at this level? would love to know how something like this translates to solving applied problems.

Amit Rathore05:05:27

@U04V70XH6 yes to both parts of your question


need the browser extension that converts landing page to TLDR ELIF ><