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Filipe Silva16:06:27

Heya, I was trying to reproduce and understand what's happening in It looks like GCC is declaring a local variable that shadows the GCC namespace object, which then causes local assignments to not use the real namespace object I'm unsure of what code was originally generated by as the steps in that example doesn't seem to work anymore (it throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter). Does anyone have some pointers for me to continue looking into this?


@filipematossilva to be clear :npm-deps stuff (which was always of alpha quality) isn't super high priority any more


I would consider that ticket to be a really advanced one too - you will need to understand the interaction between Closure & ClojureScript pretty well


that said if you're determined look at


I thought we had es6 module tests, maybe we need more


I'm assuming you're ignoring the versions discussed in the ticket and using the latest

Filipe Silva16:06:26

yes, I am using latest

Filipe Silva16:06:15

to be honest I'm mostly just looking for stuff I can help in within my skillset... if this isn't very relevant I'm happy enough to look at other things


@filipematossilva I think we have a newbie tickets tag - I would start there


just get something small in and get used to the process

Filipe Silva16:06:03

ah cool, I see that now

Filipe Silva16:06:08

will take a look, thanks!


We are coming up on 2 years since checked arrays ( Maybe it should default to :warn at some point? (I'd guess all of the popular libraries have now been updated.)