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hey folks, beside environment variables, I'm looking for a solution to set a value for both clj and cljs per build basis. Any suggestion ?


@lxsameer what kind of value do you mean?


a string , currently I'm using env variables , but i was wondering if there is a better way through shadowcljs


I meant what do you want to do with it?


why do you need it accessible in CLJ?


in a macro?


yupe, based on that value i load a different edn file and feed some part of it to cljs


there is no clean way to do this. why do you need to load it at compile time?


I mean there are a couple of ways to do this. just none of them are "clean"


so if you can avoid it at all you should 😛


thanks man 😉

Piotr Roterski22:06:08

Hey, clojurians! 👋 Anyone had luck with getting shadow-cljs to work with kee-frame in luminus generated app? An app generated with lein new luminus demo-app +kee-frame +shadow-cljs when running lein shadow watch app throws:

------ ERROR -------------------------------------------------------------------
 File: jar:file:/Users/pk/.m2/repository/thheller/shadow-cljs/2.8.37/shadow-cljs-2.8.37.jar!/shadow/cljs/devtools/client/hud.cljs:1:1

   1 | (ns shadow.cljs.devtools.client.hud
Invalid :refer, var cljs.core.async/go does not exist
   2 |   (:require
   3 |     [shadow.dom :as dom]
   4 |     [shadow.xhr :as xhr]
   5 |     [shadow.animate :as anim]
the error happens deep inside shadow-cljs lib. I'm new to clojure so I'm not sure how to approach this - do I have any chance of debugging this or should I just try different lib/versions?


this is caused by having an old core.async version on the classpath


make sure its [org.clojure/core.async "0.4.490"] or higher

Piotr Roterski00:06:09

That was it! I added core.async to kee-frame exclusions and as a separate dep in project.clj:

[kee-frame "0.3.3" :exclusions [metosin/reitit-core org.clojure/core.async]]
[org.clojure/core.async "0.4.490"]
and it worked! Thank you!!


@pt.roterski I'm guessing it's pulling in an old version of ClojureScript. verifying...

Piotr Roterski23:06:56

Thanks for reply! It's [org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.520" :scope "provided"] in generated project.clj which, according to , is the current version.


Has anyone run into issues running browser targets on ie10 and below? Runs great elsewhere. The console shows:

shadow-cljs - failed to load 15
shadow-cljs - failed to load 20
SCRIPT5009: 'Set' is undefined
SCRIPT5009: '<primary ns>' is undefined
Can’t be sure if this is specific to Shadow or not and haven’t done much digging quite yet, but curious if anyone has seen this.


Would also be interested in ideas around where to begin debugging the failed to load <#> console warnings


ie11 seems great. this is output from [email protected]