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I’m running a clojure CLI tool inside travis, and one of the deps is in a private github repo; and it dies with an error like: Error building classpath. [email protected]:company/private-repo.git: Auth fail The build itself is itself inside a private repo too, and travis seems to be able to clone that ok. Any ideas what I might need to do?


@rickmoynihan I would guess ssh-add or similar


Is an agent running?


I would’ve expected travis to already have that setup though, given that one of the first things it does is clone a private GH repo


Yeah. I wouldn't be certain it's using an agent


The other thing is, are you using gitlab?


Okay, then the other bug I'm thinking of doesn't apply


clj uses jgit/jsch (not git) so it's definitely possible to have git work on the initial clone and then tools.deps fail to clone a dep repo


there are a number of deficiencies in the jgit/jsch stuff (we're on a somewhat old version now too). definitely needs some attention and we're considering either using a newer version or calling out to git or possibly making both available

Alex Whitt20:06:42

Does tools.deps support loading native .so libs via JNI? With leiningen, I had:

:resource-paths ["lib"]
:native-path "%s/lib"
:jvm-opts [~(str "-Djava.library.path=lib/:" (System/getenv "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"))]
And that did the trick. I've tried a few different things but can't get this working with tools.deps (I get an UnsatisfiedLinkError.)


no, this is not yet supported


tools.deps can add paths to the classpath and use jvm opts, but it doesn't have support for unpacking or loading native libs

Alex Whitt20:06:01

Dang, alright. Thanks.


@alex.joseph.whitt what lib is this? Most of the ones I've seen unpack themselves.


lein has a thing I think that unpacks native libs


I don't know the details

Alex Whitt20:06:28

For now I'll probably try to follow this approach:

Alex Whitt20:06:13

It would be real nice if this was just built in


@rickmoynihan Almost bedtime, but you can add a user's git keys with circleci and this allows you to use private libs (assuming they are accessible with those keys). I can have a look tomorrow if necessary