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are reader tags processed before or after macros? before, right?


I'm trying to assess the tradeoffs of using reader tags for hiccup parsing #hiccup [:div "foo"] => (create-element "div" nil "foo")


one potential downside might be that it misses the ability to do mapping over hiccup forms

Iwo Herka22:06:24

In shadow-cljs, what is the difference between api/repl and api/nrepl-select? In what scenarios the difference in their behavior is observable?


You could also try asking in #shadow-cljs, just FYI! 🙂

Iwo Herka23:06:47

cool thanks 🙂


api/repl is generic is calls nrepl-select internally when using nrepl


so nrepl-select doesn't work when not using nrepl. that is pretty much the only difference

Iwo Herka07:06:58

thanks for the answer 🙂

Iwo Herka22:06:30

From the doc it seems that the latter can "select a running build which will switch the nREPL session to CLJS."

Iwo Herka22:06:07

But, isnt this what the former does - switch to CLJS REPL?